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Hopping to It: July 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010

One of my cool birthday birthday gifts....

Yes that is right I got a Marshmallow shooter for my birthday.  How cool is that!!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Blizzard fun from June....

AnQuenette, Tori, Robby, Dezzy, Jeremy, Isaiah and me outside of the World of Coke!


When baby is sick...

When baby's are sick everything stops.  Things that you thought you would get done have to go on hold because the baby just needs to be held!  And it is even harder when you are trying to get your house ready for good friends to move in for the week so you can go off alone with your husband to Hawaii!   So you have to balance and decided what really needs to get done and what can just wait!!  
I found most of my days this week sitting the chair with a little baby just sitting with me her head on my shoulder.  When I would put her down she would just cry and cry.  Sometimes she would fall asleep, but yet would know that I moved.  
This morning she woke up with 104.3 so I knew it was Dr. time.  After a few test she has a virus that just needs to run its course.  While I am not thrilled she is sick I feel better that it is not really bad and she will be fine with Grandma this coming week!!  
Oh I wish I could post a cute little picture, but foster care rules are you can't post pictures of them.  

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

100 things to do this summer: #3, 56, 68, 75

#3-take a hike- We decided that Jeremy and I walked over 5 miles a day while in New Orleans and are counting that as our hiking!!
#56- tie dye-While we didn't tie dye the traditional way we did use a tie dye spray!  It was cool.
#68 origami -We bought a little book.  We tried.  We did some, but most never came out the way they were to look!!
#75 take pictures-This we keep doing...of everything!!


National Youth Gathering Part 5-The Servant Event day

But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God.  And that by believing you may have Life in His Name.”  John 20:31  This was the theme verse of the gathering whose theme was Believe.  While I could write quit a bit about our experiences I want to share one other experience.  
Each day we followed tracks, Look at what we believe, Listen to what we Believe, and Live what we Believe.  Our Live day we had signed up to do a servant event.  All I knew was we had to be in front of the convention center at 8:30 at bus 78 and that we were going to do landscaping or painting.  When we rushed to get there on time our bus stop was on the other side (convention center is a mile long).  Our kids were already tired and hot.  As our bus pulled up, a school bus, the complaining started a little.  No air conditioning on the school bus.  Soon it was time to head out into the unknown.  Two years ago our kids were in 9th ward helping clean up a Lutheran Church hit bad.  Now we were on an unknown street.  Most of our bus goes one way and we head around the block to a small Lutheran church.  As we walked in a gentleman is telling us about the space program and what he use to work on with the pieces to  Apollo and other space related things.  He was trying to paint a picture of what people there use to do.  Soon we were spreading out at Epiphany Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Not being a very large church most of the painting jobs were taken so our group heads out side with gloves and garbage bags and just start picking up trash.  We work about an hour when nice cold bottles of water came to us and we took a break in the shade.  Soon we were done and it was time to clean up.  We were blessed that this church feed us lunch and after lunch an even better treat, snow balls!!   Now we were told that we would be lucky to have bathrooms or water and not to expect lunch.  I felt that even though we had such a wonder chance to serve this church and neighborhood they served us back and that was a very humbling experience.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

National Youth Gathering Part 4-The Skit Guys

While I could talk about each day in play by play, that would be just too much.  So I wanted to touch on some highlights that I really enjoyed and the Skit Guys were one of the many.  We all like to laugh.  Humor is used in ways that lighten the load on seriousness and we know  the message of God and Salvation-it is serious- but sometimes the way one can present it can make you smile or in the cause of the Skit Guys-almost pee in your pants laughter.   Oh it feels good to laugh.

Check out one of their skits on youtube or got to their web page and check them out.  They have downloadable videos with Bible studies I am look at as a resource!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

National Youth Gathering Part 3

National Youth Gathering Part 2

"But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God and that by believing you may have life in His name."  John 20:31  This was our theme verse...our theme "We Believe."  Every day look different to every youth going to that gathering.  Broken into three groups each day a group focused on Looking at what we believe, Listening to what we believe and Living what we believe.  Our Mass gathering united us in the evening bring all three together.
The first full day we were in the Look session.  We began with a Bible study on John 9.  Jesus heals a blind man.  The night before we heard a powerful message from Rev. Gregory Manning about being blind.  And taking what God has given you and using it to praise him.  As our day continues we were going to goto a large group session on World religions but it was filled.  So we explored the large "play ground" filled with blow ups, rock walls, crafts, eating cafe's, karaoke  and an internet cafe for the kids.  We also went to the Commons which was all the exhibits and district booths and a large sports area!  At 4 we went to go see Stellar Kart in Concert.  It was time to find dinner, rest and then head back to the Superdome for an other powerful evening.
The main speaker was Kellie Stocker.  Last year her oldest daughter was killed in an car accident at 18 years old.  Her message was her struggle with her faith and God as she tried to make sense of this tragic accident.  She keep diving deeper into her faith questions and the question everyone has "why do bad things happen?"  She has found how to glorify God through the darkest times of her life.  It was such a powerful message and I believe was the quietest the whole dome was the whole week.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting back in the swing of things...

The gathering was physically draining on me.  And when I got back home I think I caught a little bug which I don't remember getting...but I was pretty tired.  On Friday my dad, who was able to come up to help Dan with the kids, had to go back home.  That was sad, because I didn't get to spend much time with him.
But I had to keep moving.  We were going to go swimming but our friends Van broke down, so they brought the kids over to our house.  To try to get something cool for them to do while at our house I remember I had white -tshirts and tie dye spray paint.   So we out side and I told them to finds some leaves and nature things and put on your shirt.  The we sprayed over them.  It was cool, flowers would cool stars.


National Youth Gathering Part 1

It was my hope that I would blog doing the National Youth Gathering.  But the hotel only had free internet in the lobby and by the time I was free all I wanted to do was sink into my bed and sleep.  And that says it all, the Gathering was exhausting, not only physical, but mentally and spirtually.  I found my self not only praying for each of my kids that their faith would define it self for each of them, but constantly watching them knowing how precious their life was and how much their parents entrusted Tim and me with them for those six days.  My last gathering 9 years ago I was 6 months pregnant.  When Robby was born things changed.  So now I found my self worried what could happen, always telling them not to do things that seemed wrong or slightly dangerous.  Any many times I had to close my eyes and say "yes Lord maybe I am over protective a little...but these are your children and I really want to protect them from the things seen and unseen."
So a quick run down of our gathering.....Jeffery style!
Friday- morning got van, took pictures, Pastor sent us off "you may be the only Christ someone meets", Mary (the youngest) gets moved to front seat.  Van pack, kids in- my kids sobbing-and off we go.  Trip down was quick and east.  We get to New Orleans, get checked in and off to Riverwalk for some fine dinning at the Crazy Lobster.  We then take the Ferry ride to who knows where while I stand worried my kids will fall into the mighty Mississippi.  Go back, fall asleep.
Saturday-up and dressed.  Kids and Tim (my other trusted adult leader) get dressed and go walk the French Quarters and a little shopping.  I goto Convention center to register us for gathering and servant event.  Three hours later, seven lime green back pack, seven t-shirts, seven water bottles I am done.  Eat spicy Jambalaya-yea New Orleans!!!  Go back to get ready for First Mass opening.  Rest and walk to Superdome.  Wait.  Doors open, rush to floor, get seats and wait more.   Soon Music starts, a few opening songs.  

Then quite

....stomp stomp clap....stomp stomp clap...stomp stomp clap...STOMP STOMP CLAP..the gathering was started!

Evening continued with amazing songs, the Network Drama, amazing interpreted dancing, and  an amazing speaker who spoke on the story of the Blind man from the Bible.  Not to mentioned our three MC's.

Ok I need to stop....each day was filled with amazing stuff that I could go on in this post.  But WE BELIEVE...we believe.

Mean while at the homestead (hee hee sounds like a western) My dad and Dan were holding down the fort.  Because the events were streamed through the internet my family at home along with some friends where able to watch it in the evening.  That was pretty cool to connect the two together.  It also got the younger kids excited for their National Youth Gathering in 6 years!

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

l Each event and activity hold some connection to We Believe. It has been interesting watching the kids grow each day. Each one being challenged with thei

l r and what it means to them.

Well are now done with out second day. I need Internet to better blog events.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Soo the beginning is soon here. We are standing in front of the Superdome.

Guess I am still learning to blog from phone!:)

: per Dome.
I think they are wondering what is going to happen? What is this Believe. For many they are still trying to define their Faith, their relatio

: t the Opening Gathering at the Super Dome.
I must blog from my phone, no Internet.

: We made it in yesterday, got ourselves unpacked and head out to explore! My kids are not use to walking down city streets and seeing different kinds of

: is where these kids are sitting. Biggest youth gathering they have been to had had maybe 400 kids if that. This will blow their mind...gathered in the Su

: people. I think the hardest thing right now for them is not shooting their mouths off in some attempt to either be cool or the unknown. And the unknown

Friday, July 16, 2010

Well we have left church 5 youth 2 adult and a 15 passenger van and left behind very three sad children!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

National Youth Gathering....the night before travel...

The checks are cut, the medical forms are signed, van rented, laundry in the dyer, snack basket prepared, maps printed out, destination...New Orleans.  While I still have a few more things to finish tonight, I think I am ready....or am I?  While I get ready for the Nation Youth Gathering, I realize that my 8 year is now having his anxiety time.  I have been gone every now and then for a gathering here or there, but I stopped working as a DCE about 6 years ago and really don't travel much any more.  So he isn't use to me being gone and now he is worried.  6 days is a long time for a child to be gone from parent.  While some are use to it, most kids still think of it everyday.  But thanks to modern technology's Robby and the other kids can communicate with me.  There is facebook (he doesn't have an account, but can see off of his Dan's) emails, phone, and the synod is going to stream the mass events every at the super dome.  So in the evening parents, family and friends can see what the big deal is all about!  But for now, Robby is snuggled in my bed asking me every question possible.
So now I need to finish packing and get ready.  Watch out New Orleans here we come!!!!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

100 things to do this summer: #16

Well it has been awhile since I posted for a 100 things.  Seems we have been busy doing many other things that have kept us busy, or somedays, just not busy at all, or in kid lingo the "I am bored" days.  But today's 100 thing was #16-Goto the Dentist.  This was Isaiah's first time going so we wanted to make it special!  So off we went.  Dan met us there cause I was hoping that Isaiah would do better with him than me.  First Robby went back-with a little bit of hesitancy, then AnQuenette-she joyfully got up and went.  Then it was Isaiah's turn.  Well I stayed in the waiting room with the other two.  Isaiah would not open his mouth at all. Not one budge.  So next time we are hoping that he will at least let them count the teeth!  Robby's has a cavity, will need braces, and needs to brush his full two minutes (he was the expensive outcome!).  AnQuenette was pleasant, and teeth look good, just some more flossing.  They both got new tooth brushes and floss.  Robby was sweet he said he wanted to keep his tooth brush incase we got a foster child that need one.  All three got a treat from the box, two balls and one ring.  But when Isaiah realized he was leaving with out a tooth brush, he was crushed!!  We told him they have to count his teeth to get a tooth brush so maybe next time!
So now our next 6 month goal, brush and floss better!


Our second hurdle with Hair Pulling....

Shortly after our 4 year old daughter came to us last year at the time 3-I started to notice she was pulling on her hair and  and would find her with hair in her mouth.  After a few months her pulling her hair we realized it wasn't just a every now and then thing but was becoming evident that this was becoming something more serious.  So after some research and talking to her doctor and counselor she was diagnosed with Trichotillomania.  This is a compulsive disorder of pulling hair.  Trichophagia is the disorder of eating hair.  Many times these go hand in hand.
While working for months with her we worked on things to distract her hands so they wouldn't pull her hair.  She worn mittens on her hands,  we put hats and special head bands on her head, we gave her squishy things to occupy her hands.  We also know that some of her stresses were family situations and once we figured things out, the pulling hair and eating it stopped.  We than began a year of growing hair out.  The day that I could pull her hair back into pony tales was a big day.  But it came to a point where I knew that the hair had to be cut to even things out.  We did cut it, about 5 inches (who knows more cause it is so curly!)
But now in the last couple of weeks she has started pulling her hair and there is a bald stop on the top of her head.  So now to figure out the trigger....I have to travel away from her for the first time in over a year.  She was away for a week shortly after they came, but since then she has always been with me.  This Friday I leave for 6 days for the National Youth Gathering.  Then a week and a half after that Dan and I leave for Hawaii.  So she is having anxiety of me leaving.  Dan travels all the time and when I planned to go I planned for him to be here, so there was little transition for them.   But Dan's travels had to happen and he has to gone the day I am to leave, leaving the kids in need of a caretaker.  Luckily my dad was able to come up to help with the transition and Dan, so Dan lucked out.
But AnQuenette is still suffering from anxiety.  If you back up in her tiny life she has had many "moms" with the promises that I will be back, don't worry.  And while AnQuenette knows we are her forever family, I have to keep telling her that I am coming back.  We are going to make a calendar so she can mark off the days I am gone and she can see when I come home.
So here is hoping that this first trip will show her that this mommy comes back so she won't be as anxious with the second trip.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer with Leila

One of the unique situations with Leila our 16 month old foster baby girl is her Grandma is very active in her life.  Because she teaches school she is busier that normal doing the school year, but doing the summer she is not as busy.  While we still don't know the outcome of Leila's future in terms of her parents, she is still a part of our family.  Grandma's goal is to take her as much as she can this summer, without her feeling  confused.  I believe that right now we have created a balance for her that is working.  Grandma has taken her most this summer especially while we travel.  And while some emergency's has cut some of her visits short, Leila is happily going back and forth.  For us it is very ideal, because when we need someone to take her, we know she is going to her second home away from ours.  It makes traveling with out her very easy in terms of worrying about her being some where strange.
I don't know how long Leila will be here with us, that is part of foster care, the unknown.  But she is loved by many and she is one blessed little girl!!

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Shoe shopping....

It was time to take my teenager out for shoes.  I knew what two pairs of shoes I was going to let him get and just guided him in that way.  But oh my it was just a comedy of conversations with him...Jeremy, pick out shoes..."which kind?"...what color do you want?..." what kind of style? Mom you pick out"...remember these are your school shoes also..."what!!! you mean these I have to wear them school?  I don't like any of these for school"...I am not spending money on a pair of good shoes to walk in and shoes for school!!....this just went on and on.  When I was going this way he was going that way.  It was almost worse that shopping with a toddler!!  But then I got him back!:)   He wanted to goto Target, I didn't (Yea I know surprising for some) but he had a gift card burning a hole in his pocket, so I said alright.  Got me a nice Grande Cafe mocha from Starbucks and took my time walking around.  Then when he was done and found me I walked around for 30 minutes with him following me saying..."are you done, can we go home now!!??"
Yep, shopping is so much more appealing by myself.  Bring things home, let them try them on and return when need (you know a second "alone" shopping trip!!)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Despicable Me

Tonight my husband Dan and I got an evening alone.  We ate a nice dinner, walked down Bridgestreet, played with the new iphones and ipads, got ice cream (oh it was good) and saw a movie.  Out of all movies we could see we choose Despicable Me.  It is a movie about miss guided evil Gru who wants to be the worse super villain.  Or one could say is the worse super villain.  His newest and biggest plan is to steal the moon and become famous-again!  To accomplish this he must steal a shrink ray gun.  Some where along the way he runs into three little girls who need a forever home.  Sadly he uses them for his evil plans but they in turn steal his heart and well that is all I am going to say!   Oh yea his little Dominions are adorable and cute and slightly evil and cute and sweet.  

This is a witty and adorable movie.  The classic evil tries to take over, but good seem to always win.  This movie also touches on foster care and adoption but in a stereotypical-orphan Annie kinda way.  


Just checking out Mobile blogging!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Excitement of Science!

We got our science books today in the mail.   Robby was thrilled!!   Even though school for us doesn't start till end of Aug, I need my books and material now, so I have time to review, set up and plan.  This year we are going with Apologia Science Botany.    What I like about this program and each year we emerge our self in a subject instead of a little bit of this and that.  Last year we did space-all year!  It was just right for Robby because he had a big interest in it.  This year they we study plants.  Robby loves plants and we have always incorporated nature walks into our days so studying plants will not be something new for us.  The other nice thing about this program is the little kids can listen and learn too. And all points of view point toward creation of the world by God.
This science program also uses note booking and journaling for the kids to do.
Now as we plan we will gather our lab equipment, and locate a microscope for use this year.  Science is going to be lots of fun and easy!


National Youth Gathering

Every three years our synod (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) or LCMS has a National Youth Gathering.  It as been every three years in many different places...Washington DC, Denver Co, San Antonio, New Orleans, Atlanta, Orlando... I have been to many of these both as a youth, a college student, a DCE and now as a volunteer (Since I am not working as a commissioned DCE).  It was easiest to go as a college student, just had to go and not worry about anything.  It has been the hardest going as a volunteer (oh the lesson's God is teaching) but I don't have the time blocked to to work on the nitty gritty details.  Yesterday I spent over 7 hours working on odds and ends for this trip while interacting and yelling at children.  It was very frustrating.  But I got what I needed done and now look forward to next week.

This year our National Youth Gathering  is in New Orleans.  It was suppose to be there three years ago, but a certain hurricane came through and well you all know the rest of that story.  But this year it is back.  This year over 30,000 youth and adults will invade the streets of New Orleans to show them God love and Grace for them.  They will walk the streets boldly to stay this is what I believe in.
So next week Tim and I (Tim is my most trusted fellow youth leader here.  He and I have been through thick and thin with our youth for the last 12 years. ) will leave our families behind and head to New Orleans with 5 amazing youth.  Each with our own stories, faith and questions.  Each one looking for something to clam as their own, each looking for what they Believe in.
Leaving our families behind, yes if I take one, that still leaves 4 of my kids behind!  And all is taken care of.  Even though my husband has know about this trip for a year, and was told no traveling allowed for those two weeks, some how traveling snuck  in and he has to be gone 4 days the week I leave.  But thank goodness we are able to fly my dad up to help.  Leila will be with her Grandma and my dad will have the three younger ones.
So when my husband travels, he packs his bag, and leaves.  There is not much in terms of kids or house preparation he has to do or really think about cause that is my area.  But when I have to leave, there is a lot of work. . So when Dan has to travel too and you bring in someone else to help there is even more work.  So not only do I have to get my self ready, and Jeremy ready, make sure my group is ready, I also have to prepare my house for my dad to be here.  And while the kids love him and love being with him, he doesn't know the ins and outs of our house.
But I can't change my husband's travel schedule and I am not giving up my National Youth Gathering.  So I now finish my preparations for the National Youth Gathering.  I get ready for my Dad to come up (Which I am very excited about, just wish I was here for more of the visit!:)) Then Jeremy and I adventure off to the wild blue yonder!

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Slumber Party

So, Robby is having his first slumber party...just a extension of the 4th of July party we had.  Three of his friends (Andrew, Carina and Ava) stayed, and Annie Q went home with Mary (one of our teenagers from church-her brother stayed with us. )  As they played games, watched TV and now are chit chatting till after 1am...seems they have the giggles..It occurs to me that this is part of the churches future youth group.  My hope is that they stay as innocent as they are now.  That their sweet conversation stay sweet and not mean. Their biggest concern right now is that it is hot for some and freezing for others.  While they have a 10 minutes conversation on how bodies are different.  
But now I am just hoping this little slumber party doesn't become a lock-in!:)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Freedom...the power to speak your options and views...the absent of a dominant political force...not being enslaved.
Liberty...the state of being free.

Tomorrow is 4th of July.  Our Independence Day.  We Celebrate our freedom from England's rule.  So a history lesson...when we were a young country, we belonged to England.  We had to follow their rules and pay taxes.  The People decide that it was time to rule them selves.  It was time for them to have their own freedom.

So a group of people got together...politicians... and worked and argued and debated over what we as a country would stand for.  There were many draft of a document now known as the  Declaration of Independence.  It stated what they believed in.  Things that they thought were important for our country like every person born here should have the freedom to make their own choices and live the way they choose.  That all people regardless of race or nationality or background should be treated the same.  And that the people should be governed by the people they elect or pick to represent them.

So on July 4, 1776, 56 men risked their lives and families lives by signing the Declaration of Independence.  The most famous is John Hanock.  Today we celebrate that day when 56 men risked their lives for our freedom today.  And we remember all those men who are still fighting for our freedom.

We live in a free country, but as Christians have another kind of freedom.  The bible says in Galatians 5:1 "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."  

We were not under the rule of England, but the devil.  He tries to rule our lives everyday by telling us things that sound "OK" but really aren't.  He lets us think that we can just get by with the things of the world.  That we don't need God, His word, or His community.  That todays world doesn't need the bible or what it has to teach us.  He is even is working to tell parents that kids should not learn about the Declaration of Independence, because times have changed.  Wilder Publication put on a warning label for parents that this document doesn't hold on to the same values as when it was written.  They say it is on there so oversensitive people would not be offended or at least they say so...

Regardless of how the devil is working we have a greater freedom...Christ has set us free.  We are free from our sin.  Our 4th of July is the resurrection day when Christ rose from the dead after "kicking butt" (as my kids put it).  So as we have picnics and set off fire works, lets remember the 56 men that risked their lives to sign a piece of paper that gives us our freedom today to voice our opinions, worship on Sunday and share the Gospel ever day.  Let's pray that our country doesn't stray from our founding fathers and their vision for our country.  

Happy Forth of July!!! 

Getting Ready for School...

It is hard to believe that Jeremy goes back to school in about a month. (Jeremy goes to public High school-the rest are home schooled)  School here starts August 9.  But the joy of homeschooling, is we are not going to start till after Labor Day.  We may start the week before setting some things up, but I am taking the no stress start up this year!!
Many people ask what curriculum do you use.  After I have search long and hard these are the ones that work well for us...

Math-U-See is the math program we use!  I love it!!  It is simple and easy to use.  I also like the fact that a teaching video comes with it and Steve Demme teaches each lesson.  Either the parent can watch and then teach their child, or in our case, Robby watches it and then does the sheets.  So I really don't teach math, I give assignments and grade. They also have a on line worksheet generator and a math drill online.  We also use CalcuLadder for drills and extra help.

For Spelling, Writing and Reading we use STWR.  This was a hard program to figure out at first.  I read over it like 3 or 4 times.  But once I figured it out I love it!!  We have our journal that we do 20-40 spelling words a week.  There are also other learning activities and the 26 spelling rules are awesome.

We also have used learning games from Beall's Learning Games.  We love the games and resources from there.  The have games that match the STWR program and math enrichment and history and others subjects.

For Latin we use Song School Latin from  Classical Academic.
Science we us Apologia.

I have not settled on History yet.  Bible and Geography we just use basic materials right now.

We also use many pages from notebookingpages.
We also use many ideas from Ambleside

Well these are some of the core items we use in our homeschooling room.  A lot of our learning just happens with out planning.  That is the best kind of learning!

jack pot at Target...
Their $1 sections has school stuff coming out.  I got three table chart holders, lots of flash cards, some sorting shapes for the little ones and some organization holders for pens and other supplies.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

100 things to do this summer:17, 28, 35, 37, 52, 61, 62,

So in Florida we did many things that were not even on our 100 things to do this summer list, but next year we will add them.  We went Snorkeling this year.  It was awesome!  In all the years I lived in Florida we never did it.  It was the most relaxing and peaceful thing I have ever done!  You float on top of water with your face in the water, breathing out of a tube!  We all have a strong desire to do this again.

As for the other things on our list:
17-The kids enjoyed running through the big fountains in Jensen Beach FL.  Not your typical sprinklers,  but bigger!! (and yes we don't have to pay the water bill!)

28-Goto Disney World, well we got one night at Disney.  It was a good time, stayed at Magic Kingdom till 1am and the next day we headed over to Hollywood Studios!  It was fun!!  At Magic Kingdom the kids became special princesses and princes!!  We split up for the day at Hollywood, I took the little kids and did stuff for them and Dan took older boys and did stuff with them.  We meet up for Beauty and the Beast show and left.
35-Look at clouds....I saw a Hippo...
37-Make a sandcastles- At the beach, kids at fun
52- Goto new movie-One of the things we did at Disney was go see Toy Story 3 at down town disney.  What more can I say, the movie was awesome, except for the lady at the beginning yelling for Herb or she put it "I am from New York, what do you expect!"
61-Make Root beer floats and oh were they sooo good!!!
and 62- Sew a dress...well I am almost done!  I have a few more things to do on Destiny's, then Emily's is cut out.  Just need the time and motivation to do it!!

Still two months left...what more can we do?