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Hopping to It: National Youth Gathering Part 1

Sunday, July 25, 2010

National Youth Gathering Part 1

It was my hope that I would blog doing the National Youth Gathering.  But the hotel only had free internet in the lobby and by the time I was free all I wanted to do was sink into my bed and sleep.  And that says it all, the Gathering was exhausting, not only physical, but mentally and spirtually.  I found my self not only praying for each of my kids that their faith would define it self for each of them, but constantly watching them knowing how precious their life was and how much their parents entrusted Tim and me with them for those six days.  My last gathering 9 years ago I was 6 months pregnant.  When Robby was born things changed.  So now I found my self worried what could happen, always telling them not to do things that seemed wrong or slightly dangerous.  Any many times I had to close my eyes and say "yes Lord maybe I am over protective a little...but these are your children and I really want to protect them from the things seen and unseen."
So a quick run down of our gathering.....Jeffery style!
Friday- morning got van, took pictures, Pastor sent us off "you may be the only Christ someone meets", Mary (the youngest) gets moved to front seat.  Van pack, kids in- my kids sobbing-and off we go.  Trip down was quick and east.  We get to New Orleans, get checked in and off to Riverwalk for some fine dinning at the Crazy Lobster.  We then take the Ferry ride to who knows where while I stand worried my kids will fall into the mighty Mississippi.  Go back, fall asleep.
Saturday-up and dressed.  Kids and Tim (my other trusted adult leader) get dressed and go walk the French Quarters and a little shopping.  I goto Convention center to register us for gathering and servant event.  Three hours later, seven lime green back pack, seven t-shirts, seven water bottles I am done.  Eat spicy Jambalaya-yea New Orleans!!!  Go back to get ready for First Mass opening.  Rest and walk to Superdome.  Wait.  Doors open, rush to floor, get seats and wait more.   Soon Music starts, a few opening songs.  

Then quite

....stomp stomp clap....stomp stomp clap...stomp stomp clap...STOMP STOMP CLAP..the gathering was started!

Evening continued with amazing songs, the Network Drama, amazing interpreted dancing, and  an amazing speaker who spoke on the story of the Blind man from the Bible.  Not to mentioned our three MC's.

Ok I need to stop....each day was filled with amazing stuff that I could go on in this post.  But WE BELIEVE...we believe.

Mean while at the homestead (hee hee sounds like a western) My dad and Dan were holding down the fort.  Because the events were streamed through the internet my family at home along with some friends where able to watch it in the evening.  That was pretty cool to connect the two together.  It also got the younger kids excited for their National Youth Gathering in 6 years!

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