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Hopping to It: February 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Making your own laundry detergent

I have wanted to make my own detergent for about a year. Thanks to them Duggars. I have had all the ingredients for a while, but it just never seemed like the right time to do it. Well yesterday I ran out of detergent but not laundry. So I researched and decided the gel stuff just seems to messy.  We have a HE washer and it seemed easier to measure with power- so I went with power. Since it didn't cause much I figured I had room for trial and error.  It was easy- easy.
I pulled the recipe off of

This was the worse part...thinking maybe I will use my kitchen aid next time!:)

1/2 a bar grated....1cup each of the other

For fabric soften I use vinegar (also good for getting rid of pee smell since I have one not 100% night time trained and a cat that likes revenge.)  - also have a bounce bar in my dryer.

Sheets are in the dryer. Smelled clean from here's hoping to cheap clean clothes!!!
Folded sheets.  No smell of pee and had a nice clean smell to them!!  

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When things get tough....scream in the freezer!

Lately it seems I have been dealing with a lot of relationships that have been affected by hardships.  Husband-wife, young love, parent child, friends, sisters, brothers, oh the list can go on.  These relationships are being affected by choices they made and things that just happen.  

Some are affected by depression.  This you just can't explain.  Depression affects us slowly and sometimes it comes on in a second.  We can't always explain that.  And when those we love are affected we just want to scream and yell.  We want to be mad and sometimes we just don't know who to be mad at.

Some are affected by illness.  This just happens and we sometimes can't explain why it happens.  But it does.  And when those we love are affected we just want to scream and yell.  We want to be mad and sometimes we just don't know who to be mad at.

Some are affected by the choices they make.  They say mean words and hurt someone.  They make choices to take a relationship to a stage they are not ready for and don't understand how that changed things.  And when those choices affect those we love we get mad.  And we want to scream and yell.  And we become mad and don't always want to blame the right one.  

And this list could go on.  What do you do?  Pray and focus on God.  Ask for guidance and wisdom.  Things  may not get better, sometimes they may get worse before they get better.  And even worse things may happen.  And sometimes things just get better.

When I was in college and bad things happened we had a saying, "Scream in the freezer!"  No one can hear you.  It will not fix anything.  It will not take a relationship back to how it was.  It will not heal the sick.  Or make those depressed feel better.  But screaming just gives you the moment to refocus to help care for those you love!  

So who is screaming in the freezer?  


Friday, February 4, 2011

Chocolate Goodness

Our homeschool field trip this week was to The Chocolate Crocodile at Bridgestreet. The kids get to go behind the counters to see how different candies are made. They learn where chocolate comes from and what it taste like at different stages. They got to taste chocolate on grapes and carrots...Isaiah just licked it off. And I let them each pick out something before they left!  And did you know that the Cacao bean is eaten by monkeys, then harvested after they poop!!

I think Isaiah sums it up!

On the way home I ask them what they learned....AnnieQ said that the Chocolate comes from Money poop!  Robby talked about the copper pots used to make carmel and Isaiah said he learned it was yummy!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hopping Through Homeschooling: Mid Year Blues...

Hopping Through Homeschooling: Mid Year Blues...: "I wonder if other homeschooling families feel this. The Mid Year Blues. It's hard right now. The weather is very cold, exp..."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

AnnieQ's Room-Before and After

When we moved here 7 years ago, the middle bedroom became Robby's.  It was the first room we painted, yellow and blue, with trucks, every where.  On one side we painted a chalk board, which is really cool (next time I will think hard on the placement of it!:)).  I loved that room.  As years went on, Isaiah, joined Robby in that room.  Then the girls came and I had two toddler beds and a crib.    As we saw our family growing, we knew we needed our other bedroom to be a bedroom and not an office.  So the dance of the rooms is in progress.  We moved the bunk-bed into the boys room and I began the task of de-junking the room, then stripping the wall paper down.    I almost can't believe the room was as bad as it was!!

But now it is together and I say I did it around $150.  We had the bed, headboard, which Dan attached to the bed.  I bought a bed skirt, the curtains, two canvas baskets at Target.  About $75.  The Disney bedspread we bought last year almost new at a thrift store for $6.  The wall canopy was given to us.  Some of the wall decorations I got at Hobby Lobby a few months ago for about $15.  The rest was spent on paint.  I didn't paint the blue...partly cause Isaiah's hand prints are on there, and I made blue work.  I still have some other thinks I need to paint pink, but I am done for a bit.  I still need to go through the selves on the wall, but until I get the boys room settled, I don't want to move that stuff.
This room also has the crib set up for any foster babies that may come our way.  It also transform into a toddler bed also.  The desk was Robby's a few years ago, he moved on to bigger ones, and I don't have a chair there yet, cause the chair will be used for other things, like climbing on to see things.  By next year the chair will end up in there.
So I think I did good!!  Can't wait for AnnieQ to see it, I have had the door lock for two weeks!!

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