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Thursday, July 15, 2010

National Youth Gathering....the night before travel...

The checks are cut, the medical forms are signed, van rented, laundry in the dyer, snack basket prepared, maps printed out, destination...New Orleans.  While I still have a few more things to finish tonight, I think I am ready....or am I?  While I get ready for the Nation Youth Gathering, I realize that my 8 year is now having his anxiety time.  I have been gone every now and then for a gathering here or there, but I stopped working as a DCE about 6 years ago and really don't travel much any more.  So he isn't use to me being gone and now he is worried.  6 days is a long time for a child to be gone from parent.  While some are use to it, most kids still think of it everyday.  But thanks to modern technology's Robby and the other kids can communicate with me.  There is facebook (he doesn't have an account, but can see off of his Dan's) emails, phone, and the synod is going to stream the mass events every at the super dome.  So in the evening parents, family and friends can see what the big deal is all about!  But for now, Robby is snuggled in my bed asking me every question possible.
So now I need to finish packing and get ready.  Watch out New Orleans here we come!!!!

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