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Hopping to It: Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

I love Green Eggs and Ham!  I love them at Meyers store in the middle of the night being read!  I love reading it to my kids now!  What great books did Dr. Seuss create and write.  Some hurt my tongue reading but are fun to see if I can make it through it with out stumbling!  The kids love it!
Today is Dr. Seuss 108th birthday!  So in honor of it yesterday I had Robby do some research on Dr. Seuss.  He wanted to know what his first book was he wrote.  So he headed over to Suessville where there is a nice time line of Dr. Seuss life.   He learned that Theodor Seuss Geisel was born March 2, 1904.    He also learned that his first book he wrote did not get published, but "I think I saw it on Mulberry Street" in 1937. He went and fought in the war.  And his wife could not have kids.   Also that "the last quote that Dr. Seuss gave us kids was  ‘We can . . . and we’ve got to . . . do better than this.'"
This morning he is on a hunt to find all our Dr. Seuss books.  (Which just shows it is time to do the yearly clean up/organizing of books again)

Some other fun pages to find more on Dr. Seuss
The Happy Housewife She created a folder in Pinterest.

Well  I started this post and soon after all of a sudden we had tornado warnings.  Our weather is to get worse tonight so now all the kids are saying on Dr. Seuss' birthday will be remembered my tornados!
Stay tuned!  Sorry I didn't get more posted on Dr. Seuss today!


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