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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting Ready for School...

It is hard to believe that Jeremy goes back to school in about a month. (Jeremy goes to public High school-the rest are home schooled)  School here starts August 9.  But the joy of homeschooling, is we are not going to start till after Labor Day.  We may start the week before setting some things up, but I am taking the no stress start up this year!!
Many people ask what curriculum do you use.  After I have search long and hard these are the ones that work well for us...

Math-U-See is the math program we use!  I love it!!  It is simple and easy to use.  I also like the fact that a teaching video comes with it and Steve Demme teaches each lesson.  Either the parent can watch and then teach their child, or in our case, Robby watches it and then does the sheets.  So I really don't teach math, I give assignments and grade. They also have a on line worksheet generator and a math drill online.  We also use CalcuLadder for drills and extra help.

For Spelling, Writing and Reading we use STWR.  This was a hard program to figure out at first.  I read over it like 3 or 4 times.  But once I figured it out I love it!!  We have our journal that we do 20-40 spelling words a week.  There are also other learning activities and the 26 spelling rules are awesome.

We also have used learning games from Beall's Learning Games.  We love the games and resources from there.  The have games that match the STWR program and math enrichment and history and others subjects.

For Latin we use Song School Latin from  Classical Academic.
Science we us Apologia.

I have not settled on History yet.  Bible and Geography we just use basic materials right now.

We also use many pages from notebookingpages.
We also use many ideas from Ambleside

Well these are some of the core items we use in our homeschooling room.  A lot of our learning just happens with out planning.  That is the best kind of learning!

jack pot at Target...
Their $1 sections has school stuff coming out.  I got three table chart holders, lots of flash cards, some sorting shapes for the little ones and some organization holders for pens and other supplies.



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