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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Packing Lunches

This year I haven't been very good at packing lunches. There was just too much for me to think about at the beginning of the year with three going to school (I had two other foster boys) Because my boys got free lunches it just seemed easier to have AnnieQ buy her lunch. Then for a while she and JJ were asking for me to pack their lunches. Oh it comes and goes really. Now since the boys moved home before Christmas, this year, AnnieQ has been asking more and more for me to pack it. I know it just takes some planning and I can do it. And since all she does is grab the grab and go lunch at school, it seems just easier. I had bought these Ziplock containers a while ago that looked like bento ones I had seen before. I though these would be great! And they sat, and sat, and sat. Finally I cam across a Pinterest post about a container looking similar and was inspired!
I found the sight for Easy Lunchboxes.  It has great Lunch box ideas!

So here is how I did it! First AnnieQ doesn't really eat bread, they pick it off and eat the inside. So I don't bother with bread.

One compartment there are raisins, banana chips, and there is a little starburst for her as a special treat!:)
Then strawberries, of course strawberries!:)  Apple sauce, crackers, cheese, and turkey (wrapped in wax paper)

Now this is in my fridge ready to go in the morning!

Plenty of room in her little lunch box.  I will add a milk in the morning with a ice pack and she will be ready to go!

Just need a plan and stick with it! 

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