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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Slumber Party

So, Robby is having his first slumber party...just a extension of the 4th of July party we had.  Three of his friends (Andrew, Carina and Ava) stayed, and Annie Q went home with Mary (one of our teenagers from church-her brother stayed with us. )  As they played games, watched TV and now are chit chatting till after 1am...seems they have the giggles..It occurs to me that this is part of the churches future youth group.  My hope is that they stay as innocent as they are now.  That their sweet conversation stay sweet and not mean. Their biggest concern right now is that it is hot for some and freezing for others.  While they have a 10 minutes conversation on how bodies are different.  
But now I am just hoping this little slumber party doesn't become a lock-in!:)


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