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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cruising & Cozi Calendar

As I mentioned before, I am trying to update my blog, moving it to Wordpress and doing some exciting things with it.  But it is a little bit more of a learning curve that I first thought and taking me a little bit longer that I thought (I have a tendency to take on way more that I know:))-but that is ok!  I have a goal to launch it April 1st with post from our upcoming cruise with our family and friends from church!  I am real excited about it!

Did I mention we are going on a cruise!  5 nights to the Bahamas-I am looking forward to being off duty from cooking and cleaning for the week.

Cooking and cleaning...which brings me to another subject.  February I got off on our planning meals-I had good intentions and don't know what happened.  I also got off on my cleaning schedule.  Life happens, kids happen, mess happen!  Sometimes it just takes a moment to step back and regroup and move forward.  Now that I think I am finally kicking this infection in the butt (thanks to antibiotics) I am ready to get up and moving.

In the process I started up Cozi calendar again.  This is a free service that is so worth checking out!  I figured out that I can import our ical into Cozi so I keep using both calendars.  I like many of the features of Cozi and love all their list ideas.  But mostly I love their menu area!   It was so easy to do.  I have all my meals planned from now till I leave for Florida.  They also have a shopping area that works with it, although I haven't used it yet!

So as I get ready to go on vacation, I have a few goals to work on.

  • Packing (which I have a list for) by this weekend.  Since kids up here are still wearing cooler weather clothes, I can pack most of everyones clothes.
  • Travel busy bags for the kids
  • All rooms cleaned and picked so when I take the kids down early Dan can clean carpets!  
  • All Easter related things ready to go since we will be getting back on Palm Sunday.  Their Easter outfits are also going to be used for the cruise.   I don't go crazy with Easter baskets, but do like a few things for them to add to the eggs and chocolate bunny's.  
  • And of course working on my new blog!  
Make sure you check out Cozi!  Did I mention it is free?

Cozi is a FREE online family calendar, shopping list, family journal & photo collage screensaver. Simplify family life with Cozi.


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