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Hopping to It: Freedom

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Freedom...the power to speak your options and views...the absent of a dominant political force...not being enslaved.
Liberty...the state of being free.

Tomorrow is 4th of July.  Our Independence Day.  We Celebrate our freedom from England's rule.  So a history lesson...when we were a young country, we belonged to England.  We had to follow their rules and pay taxes.  The People decide that it was time to rule them selves.  It was time for them to have their own freedom.

So a group of people got together...politicians... and worked and argued and debated over what we as a country would stand for.  There were many draft of a document now known as the  Declaration of Independence.  It stated what they believed in.  Things that they thought were important for our country like every person born here should have the freedom to make their own choices and live the way they choose.  That all people regardless of race or nationality or background should be treated the same.  And that the people should be governed by the people they elect or pick to represent them.

So on July 4, 1776, 56 men risked their lives and families lives by signing the Declaration of Independence.  The most famous is John Hanock.  Today we celebrate that day when 56 men risked their lives for our freedom today.  And we remember all those men who are still fighting for our freedom.

We live in a free country, but as Christians have another kind of freedom.  The bible says in Galatians 5:1 "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."  

We were not under the rule of England, but the devil.  He tries to rule our lives everyday by telling us things that sound "OK" but really aren't.  He lets us think that we can just get by with the things of the world.  That we don't need God, His word, or His community.  That todays world doesn't need the bible or what it has to teach us.  He is even is working to tell parents that kids should not learn about the Declaration of Independence, because times have changed.  Wilder Publication put on a warning label for parents that this document doesn't hold on to the same values as when it was written.  They say it is on there so oversensitive people would not be offended or at least they say so...

Regardless of how the devil is working we have a greater freedom...Christ has set us free.  We are free from our sin.  Our 4th of July is the resurrection day when Christ rose from the dead after "kicking butt" (as my kids put it).  So as we have picnics and set off fire works, lets remember the 56 men that risked their lives to sign a piece of paper that gives us our freedom today to voice our opinions, worship on Sunday and share the Gospel ever day.  Let's pray that our country doesn't stray from our founding fathers and their vision for our country.  

Happy Forth of July!!! 


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