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Hopping to It: May 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

100 Things to Do Summer 2011

Well here it is...our homeschooling days are done, and public schools will be done next week.  So we got our 2011 100 Things to do this summer list done!  We kept a lot of last years, but change a few up!  Have suggestions, or want to do this with us let me know. The more the merrier!!!  So here it is....

100 things to do this summer: 2011
  1. Goto Space and Rocket center
  2. Swim as much as they can
  3. Go on a hike
  4. Explore Burritt on the Mountain Museum
  5. Goto the Cathedral caverns
  6. Go fishing
  7. Go camping
  8. Explore a national park
  9. Volunteer
  10. Goto SciQuest
  11. Visit the Amish
  12. Go to the zoo
  13. Go see Civil War places
  14. Go canoeing
  15. Go white water rafting
  16. Goto Dentist
  17. Run through the sprinklers
  18. Catch lighting bugs
  19. Grow a garden
  20. Grow flowers
  21. Goto the movies
  22. Goto the library
  23. Play catch 
  24. Kick a soccer ball
  25. Goto a football game
  26. Play baseball
  27. Play basketball
  28. Got to Botanical Gardens
  29. Goto a water park
  30. Play miniature golf
  31. Goto Six Flags
  32. See a water fall
  33. See a play
  34. Swing
  35. Look at the clouds
  36. Go on a picnic
  37. Make a sand castle
  38. Go for ice cream in PJ’s
  39. Make corn starch glob
  40. Make an in door fort
  41. Make a writing journal
  42. Practice math
  43. Have a bike parade 
  44. Sing a song in church
  45. Go Geocatching
  46. Go to a farm
  47. Go to a farmers market
  48. Go on bike rides
  49. Put on a skit
  50. Explode a can of coke with mentos
  51. Go to the arcade
  52. Goto a new movie
  53. Get a tan
  54. Send Post Cards
  55. Cook dinner for someone
  56. Tie die shirts
  57. Make stepping stones
  58. Play a new board game
  59. Play a new video game
  60. Clean our rooms
  61. Make root bear floats
  62. Knit something
  63. Make your own popsicles
  64. Draw with chalk on the sidewalk
  65. Put together a jigsaw puzzle
  66. Make play dough
  67. Each kid cook dinner
  68. Learn origami 
  69. Learn how to do a magic trick
  70. Blow bubbles
  71. Go horse back riding
  72. Wash the car
  73. Set off fireworks
  74. Goto a planetarium  
  75. Take pictures
  76. Goto a county fair
  77. Goto a concert 
  78. Make a lemonade stand
  79. Find a fossil
  80. Write a letter
  81. Watch birds
  82. Adopt a pet
  83. Learn how to play chess
  84. Make a large checker board
  85. Jump on a trampoline
  86. Go sailing
  87. Goto a museum
  88. Go out with daddy
  89. Go out with mommy
  90. Goto VBS
  91. Make a bracelet
  92. Have a sleep over
  93. Plan a Block Party
  94. Read books
  95. Talk on the phone
  96. Walk in grass barefoot
  97. Goto a park
  98. Make ice cream
  99. Take a Sunday Drive
  100. Sleep in
So lets see how many we can do this summer!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Disasters and Kids

This last week has set many of our local children in memories that most kids just read about.   But many of our kids have lost their homes, roofs, trees, and some family.  Kids handle this lost, this grief differently.
When we have storm warnings, the younger kids ask "What if our toys get blown away?"  "We can replace toys, we can't replace you, so our job is to keep you safe"  After the storms last Wednesday, we lost the big tree in our back yard.  This was the tree that Robby and my kids have grown up with.  It wasn't one of the back row trees just blocking the view of our neighbors.  This was the one that when Robby was 4 the branches hung to the ground and they made forts our of them, the tree he tried climbing, the tree where he found an Indiana arrow head.  To him this tree was special.  His response was he cried when he saw it, just sobbed.  The two younger ones didn't understand, but Isaiah just put his hand on his back and rub it.  Jeremy, being a teen, said to just get over it.
As we walked around the neighborhood, Robby said this was the worse day ever.  I said this was a good day compared to others.  Robby and Jeremy went with Dan to Athens, the saw part of the path of the tornado, Robby came home and said we were lucky to have our house.
The three younger ones wanted to know about tornados and how they worked.  Robby has an idea, but I happened to have three weather workbooks from one of the local TV stations we picked up from kids days somewhere.  Just right for the moment.  (homeschooling mom's mind, hands on learn:))
My oldest acts like this was all no big deal.  But having 7 days of no power, I am sure brought back some memories of his past with no power cause mom had no money to pay the bill.  But he has a strong desire to help.  He wanted to get the tree down as soon as possible.  While we have tried to find a spot for him to volunteer more, somehow that always fell threw....but there is many opportunities coming up...

But one thing is for sure, my kids want to help, and I love their servant hearts.

So some resources to help kids.
Coloring book "After the Tornado"
Fema and Redcross Coloring book
Red Cross
Many Links to other resources

Resources for teens
Tips for Helping Adolescents
Teens Coping

Our next steps,  making sure the kids know we are prepared.  We will collect our flashlights again and make sure they work.  Make sure that they know we have a plan and all is fine.  Restock the little bathroom again, make sure our weather radio still works, (it didn't work this last time)  Making sure we have our radios in a good place.  As a foster home we need to also have this ready again.  It's been awhile since we had it posted.  So it is time to have them ready and posted again.
Share any more resources you may have!

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ramblings of my brain-Blessed

I find my self saying this over and over, we are blessed our roof is still in tack, blessed we are makes me wonder are those who don't have a house blessed.
According to the free dictionary
bless·ed (blsd) also blest (blst)
a. Worthy of worship; holy.
b. Held in veneration; revered.
2. Blessed Roman Catholic Church Used as a title before the name of one who has been beatified.
3. Bringing happiness, pleasure, or contentment.
4. blessed Used as an intensive: I don't have a blessed dime.
blessed·ly adv.
blessed·ness n.

Am I more blessed than the house down the road?
Maybe this is just the process of trying to understand what has gone on?

Just ramblings of my brain

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