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Friday, July 30, 2010

When baby is sick...

When baby's are sick everything stops.  Things that you thought you would get done have to go on hold because the baby just needs to be held!  And it is even harder when you are trying to get your house ready for good friends to move in for the week so you can go off alone with your husband to Hawaii!   So you have to balance and decided what really needs to get done and what can just wait!!  
I found most of my days this week sitting the chair with a little baby just sitting with me her head on my shoulder.  When I would put her down she would just cry and cry.  Sometimes she would fall asleep, but yet would know that I moved.  
This morning she woke up with 104.3 so I knew it was Dr. time.  After a few test she has a virus that just needs to run its course.  While I am not thrilled she is sick I feel better that it is not really bad and she will be fine with Grandma this coming week!!  
Oh I wish I could post a cute little picture, but foster care rules are you can't post pictures of them.  

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