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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

100 things to do this summer: #16

Well it has been awhile since I posted for a 100 things.  Seems we have been busy doing many other things that have kept us busy, or somedays, just not busy at all, or in kid lingo the "I am bored" days.  But today's 100 thing was #16-Goto the Dentist.  This was Isaiah's first time going so we wanted to make it special!  So off we went.  Dan met us there cause I was hoping that Isaiah would do better with him than me.  First Robby went back-with a little bit of hesitancy, then AnQuenette-she joyfully got up and went.  Then it was Isaiah's turn.  Well I stayed in the waiting room with the other two.  Isaiah would not open his mouth at all. Not one budge.  So next time we are hoping that he will at least let them count the teeth!  Robby's has a cavity, will need braces, and needs to brush his full two minutes (he was the expensive outcome!).  AnQuenette was pleasant, and teeth look good, just some more flossing.  They both got new tooth brushes and floss.  Robby was sweet he said he wanted to keep his tooth brush incase we got a foster child that need one.  All three got a treat from the box, two balls and one ring.  But when Isaiah realized he was leaving with out a tooth brush, he was crushed!!  We told him they have to count his teeth to get a tooth brush so maybe next time!
So now our next 6 month goal, brush and floss better!



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