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Hopping to It: March 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yummy Minty, Chocolate, Ice Cream Cake

So for Robby's 8th birthday he asked me to make him a ice cream cake. He wanted chocolate and mint. So I made this awesome Chocolate mint cake that was a hit. So when my dear friend turned 16 and I knew she was coming to the party of Isaiah and AnQuenette, I made her a miniature cake!!

Instead of crushing Oreo's I bought mini ones and just placed them on the bottom. Then I got a little bit of Chocolate Chip mint ice cream melted it a little in the microwave and pour it over. I put that in the freezer. This time I just made a bigger cake and cut into squares. When it was time I put some hot fudge on top, then the cake squares and finished with whipped cream!! It is very easy to make!!!

It makes me want to make another one just to eat it my self!!!