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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shoe shopping....

It was time to take my teenager out for shoes.  I knew what two pairs of shoes I was going to let him get and just guided him in that way.  But oh my it was just a comedy of conversations with him...Jeremy, pick out shoes..."which kind?"...what color do you want?..." what kind of style? Mom you pick out"...remember these are your school shoes also..."what!!! you mean these I have to wear them school?  I don't like any of these for school"...I am not spending money on a pair of good shoes to walk in and shoes for school!!....this just went on and on.  When I was going this way he was going that way.  It was almost worse that shopping with a toddler!!  But then I got him back!:)   He wanted to goto Target, I didn't (Yea I know surprising for some) but he had a gift card burning a hole in his pocket, so I said alright.  Got me a nice Grande Cafe mocha from Starbucks and took my time walking around.  Then when he was done and found me I walked around for 30 minutes with him following me saying..."are you done, can we go home now!!??"
Yep, shopping is so much more appealing by myself.  Bring things home, let them try them on and return when need (you know a second "alone" shopping trip!!)


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