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Thursday, July 1, 2010

100 things to do this summer:17, 28, 35, 37, 52, 61, 62,

So in Florida we did many things that were not even on our 100 things to do this summer list, but next year we will add them.  We went Snorkeling this year.  It was awesome!  In all the years I lived in Florida we never did it.  It was the most relaxing and peaceful thing I have ever done!  You float on top of water with your face in the water, breathing out of a tube!  We all have a strong desire to do this again.

As for the other things on our list:
17-The kids enjoyed running through the big fountains in Jensen Beach FL.  Not your typical sprinklers,  but bigger!! (and yes we don't have to pay the water bill!)

28-Goto Disney World, well we got one night at Disney.  It was a good time, stayed at Magic Kingdom till 1am and the next day we headed over to Hollywood Studios!  It was fun!!  At Magic Kingdom the kids became special princesses and princes!!  We split up for the day at Hollywood, I took the little kids and did stuff for them and Dan took older boys and did stuff with them.  We meet up for Beauty and the Beast show and left.
35-Look at clouds....I saw a Hippo...
37-Make a sandcastles- At the beach, kids at fun
52- Goto new movie-One of the things we did at Disney was go see Toy Story 3 at down town disney.  What more can I say, the movie was awesome, except for the lady at the beginning yelling for Herb or she put it "I am from New York, what do you expect!"
61-Make Root beer floats and oh were they sooo good!!!
and 62- Sew a dress...well I am almost done!  I have a few more things to do on Destiny's, then Emily's is cut out.  Just need the time and motivation to do it!!

Still two months left...what more can we do?



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