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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer with Leila

One of the unique situations with Leila our 16 month old foster baby girl is her Grandma is very active in her life.  Because she teaches school she is busier that normal doing the school year, but doing the summer she is not as busy.  While we still don't know the outcome of Leila's future in terms of her parents, she is still a part of our family.  Grandma's goal is to take her as much as she can this summer, without her feeling  confused.  I believe that right now we have created a balance for her that is working.  Grandma has taken her most this summer especially while we travel.  And while some emergency's has cut some of her visits short, Leila is happily going back and forth.  For us it is very ideal, because when we need someone to take her, we know she is going to her second home away from ours.  It makes traveling with out her very easy in terms of worrying about her being some where strange.
I don't know how long Leila will be here with us, that is part of foster care, the unknown.  But she is loved by many and she is one blessed little girl!!

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