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Hopping to It: January 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010


One of my many goals is to make things work smoother for the ever growing family I have! One area that I keep trying to fix is where coats and bags get hung up. I had one row of hooks, which worked fine with three or four of us. But seven of us it is a challenge. So in a book I just got, I saw a great idea. Two row of pegs, one up higher, where the adults and teens can reach. Then a lower one, where the little kids can get to it. So now my goal this week is to find the row of pegs I need. Good thing I don't live where everyone has snow suits and gloves everyday!! I would need a separate room!!


So my 8 year old son has been playing basketball for two years now. He is the kid that plays what the coach think he needs to. He tries, but normally doesn't go in for the ball and really doesn't fight for it. He plays cause he loves the game. And that was enough for me. We wanted him to play and experience different sports just to see what was out there.
Three games in a row now Robby has made a basket!! Each time, it builds his confidence that he can do it! So now he has new goals for himself, to make more baskets. And now he is working on getting in there to get the ball. Basket ball has taken on a whole new meaning to him and that is pretty cool!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Morning Songs

I have a birdie friend or two. No really I do. A tiny little bird or two live in my garage. I know this for three reasons. One, at night time, when I go downs stairs to get somethings, they pop out at me. Well I think I startle them when I turn on the light. We stare at each other and I say "hello birdies." Then we go on our own business. Two, when looking for things (yes garage is a mess) I find lots of bird poop over in the place were the birdies pop out to see me. Three, every morning they sing to me. From about 5-7a.m. I am not sure if anyone else knows about them. But the morning time is my favorite time.
In the summer all the birds sing, but in winter you don't hear them. We have had such a cold winter here in Alabama that I guess these birdies didn't know what to do, so they took up residency in our garage. I do leave the door open for them, thinking maybe they got stuck. But every morning I still hear them. It is like having a bit of summer in winter. And I wonder what kind of birds they are? (Sounds like a homeschooling lesson!) But for now, I will enjoy my morning songs and hope that soon they will make their way to a tree. Cause when warmer weather gets here, we are cleaning out the garage. And that will be a whole other series of posts.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

All Aboard

As a family we have relatives spread all over the United States. From Fl to CA. Living on the East traveling to the west coast happens three ways: car, plane or train. We have done all three. The train and car are my favorite. We have done two cross country train trips and one to just New Orleans. Each trip we had more kids. First one we had our three year old with us. Second we had the three boys (14, 7, 1). The last one we had four, we added our 3 year old little girl to the mix.
My most memorable memory was on our last trip across country with the three boys. We left Christmas Day in '08 can came back early '09. We had two roomettes. We set the two older boys up across the hallway in one with video games and Dan and I kept Isaiah with us. At night time all had their own bed except Isaiah that shared with me. Not very comfy, but doable.
One night we were somewhere in AZ. I was woken by Isaiah, who was awake and looking out the window. It looked like he was grabbing at something and saying "I get it." I wondered what he was trying to get. I found my glasses and peered out. I was in pure awe. Before me were stars and more stars. I had never seen so many stars before. It was like a blanket of stars in the sky. Isaiah just stared in total contentment, trying to reach the stars. I just kept telling him "Keep reaching honey, keep reaching for them." He would look and smile. We sat for about 45 minutes like this till he drifted back to sleep. I praised God for a sweet moment with him as I slowly drifting to sleep too.

Starting Fresh

I have wanted to start blogging this year. I started with a homeschooling blog last year. Got about 3 post and forgot it. So I started fresh again. Now I wanted a general blog. To talk about anything and everything. From family and marriage to cooking and gardening, to cloth diapers and bottles, to foster care and adoption. There are TV shows and latest movie. And kids from babies to teenager. Disney trip and train trips. Cleaning and organizing. I have a lot to write about! I find I am always Hopping To It.