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Hopping to It: AnnieQ's Room-Before and After

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

AnnieQ's Room-Before and After

When we moved here 7 years ago, the middle bedroom became Robby's.  It was the first room we painted, yellow and blue, with trucks, every where.  On one side we painted a chalk board, which is really cool (next time I will think hard on the placement of it!:)).  I loved that room.  As years went on, Isaiah, joined Robby in that room.  Then the girls came and I had two toddler beds and a crib.    As we saw our family growing, we knew we needed our other bedroom to be a bedroom and not an office.  So the dance of the rooms is in progress.  We moved the bunk-bed into the boys room and I began the task of de-junking the room, then stripping the wall paper down.    I almost can't believe the room was as bad as it was!!

But now it is together and I say I did it around $150.  We had the bed, headboard, which Dan attached to the bed.  I bought a bed skirt, the curtains, two canvas baskets at Target.  About $75.  The Disney bedspread we bought last year almost new at a thrift store for $6.  The wall canopy was given to us.  Some of the wall decorations I got at Hobby Lobby a few months ago for about $15.  The rest was spent on paint.  I didn't paint the blue...partly cause Isaiah's hand prints are on there, and I made blue work.  I still have some other thinks I need to paint pink, but I am done for a bit.  I still need to go through the selves on the wall, but until I get the boys room settled, I don't want to move that stuff.
This room also has the crib set up for any foster babies that may come our way.  It also transform into a toddler bed also.  The desk was Robby's a few years ago, he moved on to bigger ones, and I don't have a chair there yet, cause the chair will be used for other things, like climbing on to see things.  By next year the chair will end up in there.
So I think I did good!!  Can't wait for AnnieQ to see it, I have had the door lock for two weeks!!

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