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Friday, January 15, 2010

All Aboard

As a family we have relatives spread all over the United States. From Fl to CA. Living on the East traveling to the west coast happens three ways: car, plane or train. We have done all three. The train and car are my favorite. We have done two cross country train trips and one to just New Orleans. Each trip we had more kids. First one we had our three year old with us. Second we had the three boys (14, 7, 1). The last one we had four, we added our 3 year old little girl to the mix.
My most memorable memory was on our last trip across country with the three boys. We left Christmas Day in '08 can came back early '09. We had two roomettes. We set the two older boys up across the hallway in one with video games and Dan and I kept Isaiah with us. At night time all had their own bed except Isaiah that shared with me. Not very comfy, but doable.
One night we were somewhere in AZ. I was woken by Isaiah, who was awake and looking out the window. It looked like he was grabbing at something and saying "I get it." I wondered what he was trying to get. I found my glasses and peered out. I was in pure awe. Before me were stars and more stars. I had never seen so many stars before. It was like a blanket of stars in the sky. Isaiah just stared in total contentment, trying to reach the stars. I just kept telling him "Keep reaching honey, keep reaching for them." He would look and smile. We sat for about 45 minutes like this till he drifted back to sleep. I praised God for a sweet moment with him as I slowly drifting to sleep too.


At January 15, 2010 at 8:59 PM , Blogger IggyAntiochus said...

How special!


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