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Saturday, January 22, 2011

For the Love of a Child

I wonder if children know now much their parents love them.  I wonder if children know what we parents will do to protect their kids.  I wonder if children get it.
When I found out I was pregnant with Robby, I immediately went into protection mode.  And Dan did too.  You know the not climbing on chairs, going white water rafting, going on roller coaster...well you get the picture.  When Robby was born we protected him by supporting his neck, made sure he slept on his back and burped him so his belly didn't hurt.  I remember when we first got Isaiah.  He was 3 months old and he was a mess.  He had yeast infections on his neck or lack of and bacterial infections with in the yeast infection.  He was stiff and cried a lot.    He had acid reflex and we would need towels when we feed him.  We did everything to get him better and at that time he was our foster child, but he was ours.  We sometimes forget how much we did, cause today he is healthy and happy.
When our oldest was having some issues at school, we did what we needed to get him back on track.
When you love a child, you go to the end of the earth and beyond to protect that child.
It makes me sad to think of the children whose parents don't protect their child.  My list could go on and the children I have seen in foster care, it is sad.  And you just want to scream at them and say "Why?" "Why are you not protecting this child of yours?"  And some just can't protect them.  They just don't know how.
And I think of parents sitting in the NICU or PICU watching their tiny babies or 13 year old sons, wondering how do I protect you?  And sometimes there is nothing you can do but hold their hand.  And sometimes not even that.  But for the love of a child parents will sit endless hours, waiting for the glimpse of healing.
And when children dabble in areas that can be harmful, drugs, sex, violence, crime, parents take action-to do the things they need to do to protect their child regardless of what that child has to say.  

And sometimes everything a parent does doesn't everything in the world to protect their child and bad things still happen.

I think of our heavenly Father.  What He does for the Love of a Child.  He sent His only Son for the love of a child.  For the Love of His children, he sent his One and only Son.  That is the best example of what parents do for the love of a child.

For the Love of a Child, what will you do?

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