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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Food, Grocery Shopping, Menu planning....

You know we have to do it.  Yep we are suppose to feed the kids.  Daily, at least three times a day, with snacks!!  Which means in order for that to happen you have to go grocery shopping.  Some love it, some hate it, but one way or the other we have to get food.  Unless you are rich and have a cook and butler who do all the planning, shopping, cooking, serving, and cleaning...sigh...yea you have to do it.
And if you have children like mine they are always "starving"!!  Or  the most favorite saying "Mom there is no food in the house!"  Now we are blessed and there is always something to find.  It may not be what they wanted, but there is food.
My sisters have been hunting coupons, and find the really good deals.  Find the sales, get the coupons buy it for nothing.  They spend a lot of time on this, and they send info my way.  So in my "Hunting" (yeah for all you Dave Ramesy fans) I researched Kroger's since we have this wonderful new store just around the corner!!  The online site was awesome.  First I was able to see the add, the click on the items I would like to circled it for me.  Then after I was done, it created a list for me.  And also I registered my Kroger Card and I can down load digital coupons to the card.  There were other coupons that I am still figuring out how to print, so I couldn't use those.
So off I went to the new Kroger's store, which mind you was AWESOME!!!!  Robby went with me, there was a smaller cart (not the little cart-which they have for the little ones to push) he pushed with cup we got a slushy.  (They even have a Starbucks...but I was good!)   I had my cart.  He got some of the list I got other parts.  He thought this was like Disney or something!  And when all was said and done, I saved $63 with the sales and coupons!!

So the weekly dinner menu...
Monday was left overs
Tuesday-Stuffed Shells
Wed- Raviolis Soup
Thursday-Tamale Pie
Friday-Chicken Lasagna
Saturday-Joes to go

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