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Friday, January 28, 2011

A Boy and His Blanket...

When Isaiah was a baby, I tried to find one blanket that he could use back and forth with visits to make him feel secure.  After trying many different kinds, he finally settled on one I got from Fuzzi Bunz many years ago.   While they don't make this toddler size blanket anymore, they do have awesome cloth diapers (another blog subject for another day!).  (I wish they still sold these blankets, they are they right size for a growing baby.  I would get one for every foster baby to keep with them! ) So the relationship between a boy and his blanket began.  A few of my favorite blanky stories...
When we were trying to get him to sleep in a toddler bed, he would get up alot!  So, he would get up and put his blanket over his head and slowly walk by me like I couldn't see him!
Once we left his blanket at church for two days when he was one.  I took him to go get it after we figured out we found it.  He took it and laid down on the parking lot with it and almost fell asleep!
We almost miss our Amtrak train because we had to go back to get the blanket!
We once left it at our friends house for like a month.  He was ok with out it, but I told her watch him, he is going to smell the blanket first to know it is his!  And when she gave it to him, he smelled it first!

 He sleeps on it

He uses it as a pillow, along with the stuffed animal!

 Good for Traveling!

And playing with!

And most of all it stayed on top of his head for many years!  When Isaiah was younger it was so hard to get him to smile for no problem!!!

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