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A Lent and Easter Children's Message

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Hopping to It: A Lent and Easter Children's Message

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Lent and Easter Children's Message

I was reminded from an other friend of a Children's message I did many years ago.  The music director and I made  like 50 Alleluia signs that kids decorated.  The Sunday before Ash Wednesday I scattered them all over the church.  For Children's message I explained Lent and why we pack them up.  So the kids gathered all the Alleluia signs and put them in the big white box.  The box sat somewhere up on the altar all lent.  Then on Easter morning the kids where so excited to to open the box up.  What they didn't know is the day before I was in Krogers and there was this huge butterfly balloon flying above me.  I just I bought it, it fit in the box.  So with a string attached to the bottom and Alleluia's taped to the string (well most fell but the idea was good) that time came.  And when I opened the box, music was cue for the Alleluia chorus and the butterfly came out of the box and oh.....that was the best children's message I ever did....cause I think the adults were in awwwww and the kids got the joy of Easter Morning....and that was how joyful we can feel about Jesus being raise from the flowed so well into the message.
Some where I have that balloon, I think, folded up!



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