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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Now what was I doing?

Really I just realized I had one of those evenings last night.  And just had to blog about it...
Soooo bought a bag of cat food the other day.  Two nights ago, the cat torn into the bottom of it, guess she was hungry.  So yesterday I picked it up and put it on the counter.  And wondered, what can I put this in.  Then I remembered I have a container in the laundry room.  So I went to the laundry room and saw all the clothes on the floor that should be in laundry hampers.   I called the children in and made them put them in the hamper.  Then I realized the dryer and washer were done.  So I took out the dryer clothes, moved over the clothes from washer.  Started a new load of laundry.  Then took the clean basked in my room and folded it.  I needed hangers, so I went to AnnieQ's room and started getting hangers.  Then I started rearranging the closet.  Got hangers, went back and hung up the clothes.  Went back into the kitchen saw the cat food, and thought oh yea, that's what I was doing.  Then I saw the bread machine and though oh wouldn't bread in the morning smell great?  Cinnamon bread, got to go look up recipe. So I sat down at my computer, and saw facebook open and thought I wonder what everyone is doing.  So I looked for a while.  Then I thought I wonder if I got any new email? And I checked email.  Then the dryer peeped.  So I got up and moved clothes and folded them.  I went to put more clothes away and walked into AnnieQ's room.  I thought I should tape the room to get it ready to paint.  So I did that.  I was thirsty after and went to go get a drink.  As I walked into the kitchen I saw the cat food and wondered, now what was I doing?  Oh yea box for cat food....
Well this morning I walked into the kitchen and saw the cat food and I realized I still didn't have the box and I have no bread. And I thought I should blog this!!!



At January 23, 2011 at 1:40 PM , Blogger MamaHopper said...

I just want to report, I did finally put the cat food in the box!


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