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Hopping to It: Things I need to do today...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things I need to do today...

List of things to do today:
-take three kids to dentist-check
-Run to CDC at church to drop kids off and checks off-check
-goto grocery store-check
-save $60 at grocery store-check
-realize that now I have to get all grocery put away...ummm no not yet
-check on Charlie-check
-check facebook-in progress
-wish the headache I have had since I woke up goes away-in progress
-work on mid-semster reports
-work on CDC accreditation
-do Robby's lessons-in progress
-play anger bird to get a my three stars-a frustrating progress
-pick kids up from CDC
-cook dinner
-play with kids
-put kids to bed
-play more anger birds
Ok I am too tired writing my list going to take nap now!!LOL


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