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Friday, January 21, 2011

Breakfast in a Crockpot?

It all started on facebook, I saw a post about oatmeal in a crock-pot and I went hmmmm, that sounds interesting.  I have children who wake up and the first thing normally out of their mouths is "I want food" &  "Can I eat" and this is normally accompanied by crankiness and whininess.  So the thought of having a hot breakfast right away was very appealing.  So I researched recipes.  And found this one first.
It was from Mommy's Kitchen.  Sounded good and the other recipes look great too.  But it called for Steel Cut Oats...what on earth was those.  The are not as processed or pressed.  So the hunt began.  Finally I found them at Earth Fare.  About $5 for the box.  But I may get about 4-5 meals from this box.  Finally night time came, I got the crock pot clean and got everything ready.  Then I realized that this recipe called for a water bath cooking in the crock pot.  I thought I researched again and found and an Alton Brown recipe.  So I put it all together and have oatmeal this morning.  Isaiah had a bowl and a half, and AnQuenette ate most of her's (I gave her more than she really eats) and she had raisins in hers.  Robby won't touch it but he just doesn't eat oatmeal  at all.
I thought this is so great there must be more you can do, and by George there is!!  These web sites had breakfast crock1-pot recipes.

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