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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Year Ago

I find my self often thinking "a year ago."  Last year was filled with so many HUGE not normal events for us here in Huntsville, AL.  A snow blizzard, tornadoes, sickness, death, relationship issues, attitudes, teenagers, drugs, oh the list like went on.  A year ago one of my dear youth fell ill.  Charlie.  Dan and Jeremy were out in California  taking care of family issues, we were thawing out from a week long blizzard that stranded most families at home.  A year ago life went into a fuzzy stage, like one was in a dream watching events unfold in front of you and nothing you could do to stop it from happening.
I think that is how this year is going to play out, thinking of all that happened last year.  Remembering is good, it is healing.  As long as we don't let it paralyze us, we can continue to grow and comprehend why God handed us these events in our lives.  And while we still may not understand everything that happened, we still continue to understand and comprehend these things.
A year ago Charlie got sick.  A year ago Charlie changed our lives.  A year ago.....



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