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Hopping to It: Mother may I?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mother may I?

When I was coming home from picking up my 4 year old I finally really understood the game "Mother may I."  After 10 plus years of being a parent, the concept became perfectly clear.  On the way home Isaiah kept asking, may I have a spicy sticks (aka slim jims).  "Yes" I would reply.  "May I have two?" Isaiah would ask.  "No" I would answer.  "Uggg I hate you", me " Love you" I would say.  "May I have chocolate coin?"  "No" The "May I's" continued for the whole way home.  Trying to see what he could do, and what he could get away with.

Mother may I take a nap....yes but for only 6 minutes!



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