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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Morning Experiment

I had seen a picture on Pinterest for an Egg Cup with Spinach in it.  It looked so yummy!   This morning I got the notion to try with the ingredients I had on hand.  So I made eight of these Egg Nest as the kids called them.  It needs tweaking.

I smushed the rolls and filled the cup cake pan (only 8 in the can).  Do they make bigger cup cake pans....made next in individual craft cups.

I didn't have shredded cheese nor did I feel like getting the shredder out so I just cut small strips and put them in the bottom, like a nest.

Then I cracked an egg in each where I needed medium eggs, the large eggs made a huge mess, so I took out the egg white for the rest of them.  You need the egg white just as a note!

But in the end they were yummy and even though they looked weird, they were very good!  This little recipe I am going to play with more!

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