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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Boxer?

Today we took Sophie to the vet.  She is 13 weeks old and weighs 20 lbs already!  She is going to be big.  All checked out great!  The vet thinks she is mix Lab and boxer.  We had guessed lab, but was being told maybe some German Shepherd in her.  But he doesn't see the German Shepherd.  So I came home and research Lab and Boxers....who some call Boxadors.  Cute and funny!  From what I have seen and read this is a amazing family dog and most people were very happy with theirs!  Since we also do foster care I wanted to make sure we have a good dog to handle kids that may come in and out.  And it seems we may be gotten her! She plays well with all of them!  For as much as I resisted getting a dog, glad we have Sophie!

Just one of the kids!

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