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Hopping to It: Getting it Together

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting it Together

It always feels like at the beginning of the year you make all these plans of things you want to do, places you want to see, books you want to read, conversations you would like to have, people to met, rooms to organize.  And the more someone thinks about it, the more one can become very over whelmed! 

Yep just at the verge of over whelmed....but feel I will not be going over the edge.  I have learned to take things one day at a time, and to plan for things.  Having a plan is the key...So my plan for this year are:
-watch less TV and watch what I really want
-goto more movies
-take more walks (now that we have our new puppy this should help)
-make more of our meals
-so we can eat out less
-go on a cruise (ok that on is already planned)
-take a summer road trip (this one is not planned)
-read many books this year (in place of all that TV I am not going to watch)
-take time for my crafts, knitting, sewing and other DIY's
-have a super veggi garden
-grow cutting flowers
-get manicures and pedicures
-have a facial every now and then
-go on many dates with hubby
-get rid of lots of unneeded stuff
-scale down kids clothing-organize the stuff better
-ebay and sell some stuff
-Put Christmas stuff up in Jan (this is happening this Saturday!!)
-Blog and write more
-keep up with the DCE world (I may not be in a called position, but I am always a DCE and want to stay current)
-get an emergency kit and plan together
-write more letters
-send birthday cards
-organize and clean (never ending battle)
-have many more kisses and cuddles (ok from hubby and kids-must sneak them in cause soon they will be too big and cool!)
-Foster a few
-Make my kids laugh every day!
-scream less (every mom says this right!?:))
-Make lists and organize time better
-enjoy homeschooling and let my kids grow
-help church form a plan and goals starting with the board of education
-keep well informed on the election, but not caught up in all the crap
-Enjoy holidays-have fun with them
-focus all this around God, who gives me life and joy and peace and grace.

Nah I don't think this is too much!  Gives me a focus, a spot to hop from!  So come along with me this year as I hop through it!

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