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Hopping to It: Praying for our family...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Praying for our family...

I have seen many friends who blog about what to pray for each child or family member.  Since we have much going on, I thought this would be good time to review what's going be going!
So to begin...
Dan-Right now Dan and Jeremy are in California.  They went out last Saturday not know what was going on with his mom, who at that time was in critical care.  Since then she has stabilized and yesterday was moved to a rehab place.  Don't know how long she will be there.  Dan's sister is also slowly getting better.  I talked to her briefly today, the first time in two year, it was good to hear her voice!  Continue to pray for Dan as he cares for his family.  He live far away so it is not always easy to help from a distance, and planes tickets cost money!:)

Jeremy is also out in CA with Dan too.  He wanted to go out to help take care of Dan!  I was proud that he saw that as a need and went!  He was going to do his Ancient History and Literature this week out there, but some how his luggage never made it on the plane in Huntsville, so he had no clothes and homework!!  So a dream come true, for him, no schoolwork and new clothes!  Not to mention the girl drama....
So keep praying that his eyes are seeing how families stick together and work together doing times of crisis!

Robby-his swallowing has gotten better, but always a drama to take that pill.  He has gotten a taste of what it is like up north with the snow!  And he loves it!  He has played a lot outside.  We have done more snow related learning this week and lots of hands on learning.  Robby has adjusted to Daddy being gone, but not having Jeremy at home has been different.  Keep praying for him that he can just swallow his pill!

Isaiah-oh that boy is a mess!  Three and all over everything!  But then he can be the sweetest and most polite little boy!  He is loving eating the snow.  His latest accomplishment was last night he actually got up to go potty after going to sleep.  No night time diapers so now was the time to learn!  Just keep praying that his curiosity doesn't get him hurt!!

Ms. AnnieQ-  She turns 5 this Sunday!  Wow, she was just a toddler when I first met her.  And when she moved in with us two years ago she was a young three!  She is growing into a beautiful little girl.  But she has her moments.  She is all sass and drama a lot of time.  When she doesn't get her way everyone knows.  She has come so far and it is hard she is going to be 5!  Very smart and learns very fast.   And loves playing in the snow too!  The kids each day going out and have a blast!   Please pray for her to learn that her turn will come in time.  And that this next year will be better that this year!

And as for me...I am getting over being sick for almost two months!  I am use to Dan traveling and finally just go with the flow.  Don't like him traveling, but that is what it is these days.  In my need to be more involved and use my degree I get to serve on the District youth planning committee for the next District gathering.  I am really excited about that!  Right now just pray that I make it through this cabin fever!!



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