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Hopping to It: My Husband...Dating

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Husband...Dating

So finally we are officially dating!!  Not much changed.  We just started getting to know each other better with marriage as our goal.   I remember the first time he said I love you besides writing it.  It was when he was on Christmas tour with Dave and Barb Anderson.  He called and left a message and at the end he said I love you.  I played that over and over and over....Ahhhh to be in love!!!!  To be in love was so good.  The little tingly feeling every time you saw them or heard their voice.  The shiver when they touched your back.  Yep it was a good time.  We were getting to know each other better and better.  But there were some guide lines for us.  We both made the commitment to each other to wait till marriage, that was a no brainer. We didn't even kiss.  Yes that is right, we made it through dating with out kissing.  Strange for some, I think it made things better waiting for certain things to happen.
As time went on Dan would drop hints about marriage and rings.  We we didn't talk a lot about it.  But when Joni at church asked me to try on her ring and some one else asked me what kind of rings did I like, I was beginning to wonder.  But as for timing....  I have to talk about Lift High the Cross Hot Air Balloon Ministry.

This is a full time RVing, homeschooling, full time Pastor family that traveled from Church to Church with their RV and trailer and Hot air balloon!! It is a awesome ministry that really brought our church together in awesome ways.   Everyone wanted to help get this weekend up and running and to be fully successful.  We had big events surround by tethered hot-air ballon rides.  Pastor Jay and Vicky quickly became good friends and understood our "not dating" and "dating" times.  There was a joke brewing about us getting married on the hot air balloon.  All fun and games, but things starting brewing in my now dear hubby's mind.

The Easter after we started "dating" the balloon was coming back to our church to a fun fill Easter weekend...filled with a Moose we ran over, Early morning talk shows, a hot air balloon, and a sweet ending.... (Well Easter always has a sweet ending!!) Engagement...



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