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Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Husband...the Chase

When I first moved here to Huntsville, Dan and I  started talking right away.  Soon every lunch after church we were eating out together with friends.  It was in just a few months after I got here, that one Wed he called to see if I wanted to eat dinner quickly before Choir.  Sure, so I met him at the little chinese place at the mall.  He paid.  Was that a date?  I wasn't dating anyone, but I really liked Dan.  I just liked being with him.  He made he feel safe and happy.  I felt like I could tell him anything.  But I was not dating anyone at church.  What would happen if we broke up, that would be a weird situation.
Then one Sunday after church there was no one to go to lunch with but us.  We went to Red Lobster and we just talked for hours.  I remember when we parted ways thinking, I really like what was is happening between us.  But I still wasn't sure what was happening between us.
That first Thanksgiving Pastor Bernie, Grace, Philip and Dan came over for Thanksgiving.  After we ate a wonderful meal and Bernie, Grace and Philip left Dan stayed and we just talked late into the night.  I didn't have a couch so we had to sit on the floor.
Time went on and everyone knew we were dating but us!!  We did everything together.  Every spare moment we spent together.  But simply as friends.  We just got to know each other better and better.
Finally one year after the Red Lobster lunch, Dan and I finally made it official we were dating!  Everyone was like yea and that is old news!!
And so our dating journey begins and that will be for a new blog!



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