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Hopping to It: Celebrating Family and a Baptism

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Celebrating Family and a Baptism

Today my little girl was baptized!!  It was about time!!  She was officially adopted Jan 28 and our timing with everyone just didn't work well!!  So finally I was able to schedule a date, with a friend (who use to be one of my youth over 10 years ago) whose little girl was also being baptized.  So Memorial day it was.  Destiny, my niece, arrived on a train Saturday after noon.  After an hour of getting her set up, clothing washed it was time to head over to the Whitmires.  Dear friends of ours who we were trading off nights of babysitting for date nights.
Yes we went on a date!!  Very important for us to spend time alone.  Especially with Dan traveling so much this time is really special.  Funny thing was it was our oldest who kept asking how long is a date?  We went to dinner and saw a movie.  The kids had a great time and so did we!!
So as we all gathered up on the altar for the Baptism, Isaiah was very curious.  After AnQuenette was baptized, he came up to her, looked in her face and said "Are you OK?" in a very sweet and tender way.You wonder what a three year old thinks.  He himself was just baptized back in August, so he remembers some.  But it was a sweet moment seeing the two girls get baptized!

After we had a small BBQ at the house and just enjoyed everyones company and good food.  So far a good weekend.  Also a weekend to be reminded why we get to enjoy these weekends.

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