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Thursday, June 3, 2010

100 things to do this summer: #1

#1-Goto the Space and Rocket Center.  Yep today was the day and it was a good day.  It was 81 degrees, and not crowed at all!!  There were a quite a few groups going through, but no lines anywhere.  They have done so many changes and the kids were very excited!  Now that Robby can read it is nice that he could read about the different things going on!   The little kids were just excited about seeing the big rockets and indeed they were big.  We walked around the new part with the huge Apollo Rocket above us.  The kids got to do a science experiment of shooting a rocket made from a film canister.  
Then we walked over and ate lunch and then headed over the Rock climbing wall.  Destiny is fearless in trying new thing, Robby wasn't as willing, but I talked him into going.  They both went up!!  From there we went over the the Kid Zone area where the kids except Isaiah rode the little shot ride, up and down and up and down!!  Destiny and Robby were not sure of it, but AnQuenette was thrilled!!  After a while we walked around out side for a bit, then walked through models of the Space station.  A quick stop at the gift shop and we were heading home for a rest!  #1 checked off our list!!!



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