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Friday, June 4, 2010

My we met

Since my husband's birthday is tomorrow and Father's day is coming up and then our 10 year Anniversary in Aug, I thought I would do some blogging on my sweet dear husband.
So how we met....
It was a stormy warm night and in the distance I saw this most amazing person...
Ok no actually the first time Dan and I met was on the phone.  I was a DCE up in Kent OH and I had a lot of church interviewing me for a call.  One church was Ascension Lutheran in Huntsville AL.  Before I would go visit a church we would do phone interviews.  And I guess on that phone interview Dan was one of the interviewers.  After I got here, I was told that after the interview Dan said, "She would do"
When I came to visit Dan was on travel (haa haa funny now that I think about but showed up for some gathering.  My first thought was I wonder how many kids he had.  I was staying with a family while visiting and I had a very early flight.  Guess who drove me to the airport???  Dan and Jerry (the dad of the family I was staying with.)
So at some crazy early hour we got on the road to the Nashville airport.  Jerry slept and Dan and I talked the whole way up.  He was the easiest person I had ever talked to.  Then he got lost and like any good man, they didn't want to stop to ask for directions.  Finally, after I offered to go ask (he has a different version of this story) I got to the airport and headed back to Ohio.
Dan wasn't the reason why I took the call, but I soon found out that God had things lining up!!!  The rest is for a new post.



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