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Friday, May 28, 2010

100 things to do this summer: #2 & #53

Well we did something new this summer.  We got a membership at a pool about 15 minutes away from our house.  Our friends go there so it is nice for us to know a family, although they have not been there yet with us.  Pool just opened this week and most school got out yesterday.  But we have been out all week.  Tuesday we went and had maybe 4 families there.  Last night Dan took them, and maybe one or two families.  Today there were a good number of families.
Robby does well making new friends.  Every where we go he is meeting up with new kids and playing with them (blows that myth that homeschooling makes your child anti social!:))  The little kids just want to play in the water.  They LOVE the water!  Jeremy likes to play in the water for a while with the kids and swims, then goes and tans for a while.  He is not quick to go mingle with the other kids there.  That too is not something I am great at.  It takes me a awhile to talk to the other moms.  But give me a few weeks and I will be good.  For now most of my focus is the children and making sure they don't drown!!!
So #2 & #53 will be something we do all summer--Swim as much as they can and get a tan!!  That is my goal for Hawaii!!!



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