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Summer Turkey Salad

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Hopping to It: Summer Turkey Salad

Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Turkey Salad

Growing up during the summer times I would spend it with my extended family, like Dezzy does with us.  Sometimes I would go up to Middleburg PA and spend it with my Great Aunt Dinny-my mom's Aunt.  I loved summer time up there!  And other summer's I would spend with my Aunt Sandy, my dad's sister, in West Virginia.  Either way, I loved spending time in these different states.  When I went to college and in my first call as DCE I was close enough to visit for holidays and just for fun.
At my Aunt Sandy's house I remembered this salad that she would make.  It was a turkey salad.  They always bought a turkey breast, slice turkey and and grill it and then the rest she would dice up and make a salad out of it.
This is what I remember:
diced turkey
peas and corn
celery seeds
and maybe cheese-not sure

But it was always a good summer salad.  As I was shopping for our cook out yesterday I was trying to think of a fun simple salad to make.  And this one popped into my mind.  And all the fun memories that went with it.  Ours came out great!  I used tiny pinwheels pasta but added no cheese.  Even the baby loves it-minus the turkey!!!



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