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Hopping to It: Bible Study Challenge

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bible Study Challenge

I love blogs, and watching what others are doing.  I love how some are doing these different day blogs, like meal Mondays or organization of Tuesdays.  And as I blog more and research I am learning about buttons and  how to bring adds to your pages, and how to a lot of things I didnt know about.  But one thing caught my eye today.  It was this Luke in 26 days.  If some remember I did John in 21 days last year!  That was to get ready for Advent.  This seems perfect for me.  So I am taking the challenge.  Come along with me. 
Luke with MomsToolbox

They use the Soap Method.

Pray, asking God to guide me through His Word and clear my mind of distractions.
Read the passage and find the one thing I believe God is telling me that morning. Then I journal about it using the acrostic SOAP as a guide.
S: Scripture-Write the ONE scripture that I feel God is using to speak to me in today’s reading
O: Observation-What might He be telling me with that scripture?
A: Application-How can I apply it to my life?
P: Prayer-What is my prayer to ask God in helping me to make that application?

So I will be starting tomorrow, come along with me!



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