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Hopping to It: My Husband...the Proposal Part 1

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Husband...the Proposal Part 1

So if any one knows my husband,  things don't happen small or little.  He likes big and grand, in very good ways.  A ring, a knee, will you, I will in... a quit place-simple.  No, nothing was small or simple on the day I was proposed to.  Let's set the stage.
Easter weekend April 2000.  We had planed to have a Lift High the Cross Easter Celebration weekend.  This was a huge outreach for our church and we had grand things planned.  (see not small)  I was DCE of the church so I was actively involved in the middle of everything.  And I was busy.  In an attempt to advertise our event, someone from church got us a spot on a local morning show.  The studio was an 1 1/2 away which meant that the three of us who were going had to leave like early in the morning.  For the record, I am not a morning person.  I can be up and functioning, but not really talkative at all and please don't talk to me unless I have coffee in my hand.  So I joined up with Jay Mason, the Pastor and Hot Air Ballon pilot, along with my friend Debbie.  The three of us were going to the morning talk show.  I was going for support.  On our trip, even though early, we had a fun time talking and dreaming for the church.  As we were joking around about the early morning hour, Debbie had to swerve to avoid hitting a moose.  Now how a moose got to Alabama I have no idea?  But it was a moose for sure.  Well I think it was a moose we almost hit.  Our story was a moose know that moose was only that big!   But yep almost got killed a few days before my honey asked me to marry him.
OK skipping to far ahead back to the moose.  We avoided the moose, sent it back to Alaska and headed to the studio.  All this like 6 in the morning.  I had never been in a TV studio before.  Lights, camera, action, before I knew it they stuck me up there with Debbie and Jay.  So now I am a movie star!!!  Well no, I didn't talk much and when I did say something I said "I am not much of a morning person.!!"  Well so much for my TV career, but the interview went well and we head back to Huntsville, avoiding all the moose along the way.
Later that day I over head people talk about a banner for the balloon.  I thought, what banner and why don't I know about it.  But Jay or Vicki cover saying that it was a banner for the balloon that they use sometimes.  Oh Dan, you want to know were Dan is in all this, since he is the one proposing??  Oh he is around.  Busy and acting a little weird.  I am busy.  We all are busy.  We see each other here and there, but that was all.  The day ended and  I went home and fell into bed exhausted, wondering why was Dan acting just a little weird?
I feel that I am going to tell the Saturday events in part 2.  Had to set the stage, so you all understood all the craziness going on that weekend.  So stay turned for part 2...coming Friday.



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