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Hopping to It: Weird Dreams

Friday, May 21, 2010

Weird Dreams

Well, for those that know me you know I have weird dreams.  Very vivid, and real sometimes, and other times foggy but rememberable.  Sometimes they are good and other times, very scary.  Sometimes I lie in bed trying to redirect my dream so it ends up good. Some of my dreams are influenced by the things going on or the TV or movie I had just seen.   Last nights dream was one of those dreams that wasn’t good.  
I dreamt that I was getting ready for the National Youth Gathering with our kids at church.  Some stuff was going on that wasn’t supposed to, but I had gotten it cleared up. (I don’t remember what.)  But, I was sitting in a room with my luggage (Cool luggage cause I was looking at luggage on the internet last night) with a whole bunch of kids.  Tim was with us, but I don’t know where he was.  This man came to me and said he had my plane waiting.  I thought he meant for all of us and told him Tim wasn’t here but he said don’t worry he just needed me first then they would get everyone else.  
So I went with him.  They took my cool luggage and I boarded this small plane.  I got on and just got a bad, bad feeling.  I told him this didn’t feel right an I wanted off.  He just smile and told me to sit down.  I turned to run off the plane and two other people were stand at the stairs.  In fear I said let me call Tim to let him know where I was and every time I tried to use my phone it was stuck in this silly game and I could not call.  The feeling of fear intensified as I turned around to sit....
AND THEN I WOKE UP!!!!    Arrrggggg
I tried to rewrite my dream and give it an ending, but it didn’t work.  Now I have to spend my day wondering what was going to happen???  Man this is not the way I wanted to spend my day.  But that is how dreams are.  Most are good, funny, or just plan weird.  But this one just plan freaky.



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