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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

100 things to do this summer: #87 & #89

First it is my niece’s birthday!!  Emily is 5 years old and she is down in Florida!!  Happy Birthday!!!!

So we headed over to Georgia to visit my sister and drop my son off to goto Florida with her and Tori, my niece.  We will head down next week to spend a week down in Florida.  I look forward to it.
Since we were only an hour away, I wanted to take the opportunity to head over to the World of Coke, since that was # 87 on the list with the kids and my nieces.  Since I didn't realize that the aquarium was right next to it, I decided to make it a day event!  So that marks off #89-go out with mommy.  (I also took each one of them last week out with me one at a time.)

World of Coke was awesome!  Got to see some history, how the bottled the cokes, some cool looking art, and the best thing, the tasting room.  60 types of sodas from around the world!

The Diary Queen Blizzard is 25 years old and we got a free blizzard!!

The Aquarium was awesome.  There was so much to see.  Isaiah just loved looking at the fish.  The other kids would look, and move on, Isaiah would just stand there.  I took Robby there when he was 3 and that is all he did, just look.

It was a good, good day!!  And I came home and took a NAP!!  I don't get naps, like really goto sleep naps.  That was a nice treat!:)



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