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Hopping to It: A Turkey Burger??

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Turkey Burger??

I want to try to shake up meal time.  Try some new, healthier things.   So I knew I wanted to make burgers tonight.  Was going to cheat and buy pre-made frozen ones.  So well at the freezer I saw a box of Jennie O Turkey Burgers.  And all I heard was Bob and Jillian say, get those, get those.  Now I have use ground turkey in many things, but never as a burger.
In my mind I wanted to kinda recreate a burger I saw on the Food Channel, but not as big.  It had red onions, American Cheese on a toasted sesame bun.  But how would that taste on turkey and not yummy beef??

So I fried the red onions and put them aside, then fried up the turkey burger in the left over butter (Ok not healthy).  Then toasted the buns.  Put burger, onions, but cheese on top, a little catchup.

Very yummy.  Every one ate them and that was key.  Served with strawberries and beans.  This will be put into the rotation of dinners!!  Once I get the rotation going!!!!

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