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Monday, April 12, 2010

Books, Books, Books

So I admit it. I love books. All kind of books. I want my kids to grow up surround with books. I have selves and selves of books. Sometimes I know I have too many books. But I love them. Todays task was to organize the kids books which were in boxes due to all the moving around we have been doing. So I took all the kids books and made them in piles on the school table. I had piles for:
  • Board books
  • Bible Books
  • Learning books
  • Hardback story books
  • Hardback school story books
  • Paper backs
  • Chapter books
  • and Readers
Plus any book that was torn or damaged we threw a way.

When I was done I had the board put in a little selves just the right size for the little kids. I put the Learning books, school story books, chapter books and readers on a self by the school room area. I put the paper backs, story books and Dr. Seuss books and all the bible books on two selves in the living room. Now all our books are organized and I can use the boxes they were stored in for other things.

I keep books for older kids on our built in selves in our living room. We are this much closer to finishing up moving rooms around.

List of other tasks that need done...
  • Get Christmas boxes ready for Dan to put away.
  • Clean out garage and organzie it. Maybe get car in.
  • Finish getting room switched
  • Put small clothing put away, or give away
  • move dressers around
  • too many more things!!
So I will just focus on those things

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