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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Almost to an end!

Well 5 more weeks and we will be done with homeschooling and school!! Yea!!! We are so much looking forward to summer!!!

Jeremy our oldest has almost made it through 9th grade. He is in the need to get some grades up, but he is going to tutoring and working on getting missed assignments made up. Next year he is going to tec school to learn how to cook. I am very much looking forward to this.

Robby is finishing up his class work!! This year he is reading!! It is so exciting to hear him read with out sounding out each word. He loves to read to the kids and he is reading chapter books. We studied the space and planets this year. Math he conquered Multiplication!! Writing, spelling, a little latin, music, art, the list goes on!!! Hard to believe that soon I will have a 3rd grader!!!

AnQuenette is doing fine. She is always singing or dancing! She goes to our CDC at our church 3 days a week. She loves her friends which is why I kept her there this year. She loves to play with her brothers.

Isaiah is into everything. We just got over having a bandage stuck up his nose. So with him you never know what is going to happen!! He is home with me everyday and loves being with Robby. He is very lost with out his siblings!!!

Ms. Leila our sweet one year old foster daughter is into everything. When she wants something she lets you know!! She has discovered the toilet and tries very hard to get into it when ever someone goes potty!

And so we soon close up this school year and look forward to summer days of exploring, lazyness, swimming and a little traveling!! And before we know it it will be time for school again!!!!

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