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Hopping to It: After School Talks

Friday, February 26, 2010

After School Talks

Our family is unique. Special in many different ways. We have five children ranging from 15 to 11 months. We homeschool our 8 year old. Our three little ones just play and our 15 attends our local High school. Since he has lived with us now two years I find my most favorite time with him is right after he get back from school. We sit and talk about different things that go on and just catch up on our day. Sometimes it last only about 3-4 minutes, and other times maybe 30 minutes. But the talking is good. And I notice that when we do talk things go just a little bit smoother, not always, but most days. Jeremiah is an awesome kids whose future is bright as long as he stays on track. And that sometimes is hard when the past creeps in. But with the support of many people around him, we hope to get him through High school one way or the other. And while we work at it I will continue to cherish those after school talks.


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