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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You do all that? You MUST be super mom!

I find it funny when people say that to me. Super mom. Ha! Yes sure, we are raising 5 kids, sure we foster care some and adopted some and birthed some. Yes we home school the younger ones while our oldest attends our local High School. But super mom I am not. Any super strengths I get through out the day comes from God, my husband-far or near, my friends and family. Oh and coffee, lots of coffee.
While I stay pretty much busy through out the day, here is what we do and don't do just to make it through.
We don't:
  • watch TV doing the day time on most days. Most mornings they don't watch TV, but some mornings we need it. If I have a headache we use it. When the kids are napping Robby may watch one of his shows that are not suitable for the little kids. Not having the TV on doing the daytime leaves us to be more productive with school and other things.
  • no video games doing the week. Once or twice I have had special evenings with video games. As school ends this will change.
  • always get school work done on that day. Things happen and what I have planned does not always happen. That is what tomorrow is for. So we don't stress about it even though I do sometimes
  • ever have the house clean. No matter how hard I try it is never cleaned at the same time. Although a goal to keep organizing and cleaning I have come to realize that it will always be something to strive for.
  • always get dressed right away. Sometimes we stay in PJ's till we need to get dress.
  • always have meals planned. Life is much smoother when they are planned, but we do eat out more that we should.
We do
  • have fun and dance around and be silly sometimes.
  • learning everyday, no papers need.
  • have to keep up with the dishes or the sink fills in two days. By day three nothing is left.
  • watch TV in the evenings.
  • read lots of books
  • story time at the library
  • Little gym twice a week, once for Isaiah and once for Robby.
  • send the girls to a child development center three days a week-girls love it
  • We do try to stay home on Thursday
  • We have adventure Fridays
  • Math, spelling, science, latin, reading, bible, writing and history
  • hands on learning
  • and self guided learning
  • play in the rain
  • at least three loads laundry a day but we are never caught up
  • have to send Dan off a lot for travel so we do a lot on our own
  • go to church every Sunday
  • pray
  • and sing
  • and read the bible
  • facebook
  • paintings
  • and finger paintings
  • and water paintings
  • shopping at Target, Publix and Costco.
  • sometimes use plastic bags and sometimes reusable bags
  • use cloth diapers and disposable diapers
  • eat cereal for dinner sometimes
  • and pizza for breakfast (well not mommy)
  • stay up late sometimes
  • but wish we could sleep in!!
Well all these things just make us who we are. The Gehrings!! and I am no super mom, just doing the things a mom does, be the keeper of her family. If I have any super strength then I give credit to the Lord, for it is Him whom I get my daily strength from.

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