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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Handmade Home

Ok so you all know I love books.  I can't help it.  There is so much info out there and while we can find much on the internet, books are classic.  So when I get new books I have read or used I want to review them and let you know more about them.
I recently used a gift card from my birthday and bought this book by Amanda Blake Soule called "Handmade Home."  I am always looking for ways to do things differently, new from old, simpler.  This book looked liked it had some great ideas in it!
The first project that caught my attention was the "Family Art Table Runner"  Using scanned in art projects she has created a awesome looking table runner.  I am going to use this idea for Thanksgiving.  What a great tradition that will be year after year.  I figured Summer was a great time to get some of these started.
Having many headaches the second project that caught my eye where the "Silky Eye Pillow" (no pun intended!:))  Since I a beginner sewer, I like simple projects right now.  These look easy and plan to use some as gifts.

Her assortment of ideas for bags are great and I love beach blanket idea.  All these ideas use old fabrics, scraps  of fabric or even old table cloths and sheets.  She has ideas for cloth diapers, slings and even mama cloths.  I look forward to sewing more of her ideas and creating my own from hers.  When I get them done I will share with you!

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